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About us

Professor Hiroyuki IZUMI

The Center was established in 2007 as The Center for Corporate Strategy and Economic Growth, and renamed The Center for Economic Growth Strategy in 2011. The mission of the Center is three-fold. The first element of the mission is to advance research on economic growth strategy in collaboration with institutions abroad and industry. The second element is to foster entrepreneurship and innovations within YNU. The third is to contribute to society by promoting communication among researchers, practitioners and policy makers in academia, industry, and government communities. Core members of the Center are from the Faculties of Economics, Business Administration and International Graduate School of Social Sciences. It also collaborates with faculty members of the Graduate Schools of Engineering, Environment and Information Sciences in the field of management of technology.

The center consists of the following six divisions.

1. Entrepreneurship and Startup Firms

The division conducts research on a wide range of topics in entrepreneurship and innovation, including institutional aspects of various markets that promote or suppress starting-up and growth of high-potential venture firms. The division also provides entrepreneurship education to undergraduates, graduate students and post doctoral researchers.

2. Corporate Strategy

The division conducts research on corporate strategies to promote the growth of existing companies by innovation in technology, management practices and organizational structures.

3. Macroeconomic Growth

The division conducts research on a wide range of issues related to macroeconomic growth under globalization, such as macroeconomic theory, productivity, international trade and FDI, industrial policy, exchange rate regime, and monetary policy.

4. Finance

The division conducts theoretical and empirical research on investment, asset prices, derivatives, risk
management and firms’financial structures.

5. Doctoral Career Development

The division conducts to create young and highly‐talented practical researchers for industries and to make them to be leaders through practical training of internship program and career development programs.

6. Innovation Policy

The division conducts measuring the social and economic impact of R&D investment on evidence-based methods creating Innovation Policy, and making it visible to the public.

As of 2013, the following six projects are in progress.

  1. Organizational change and corporate growth
  2. The innovation system and corporate growth in economic integration: the interactive dynamism of the financial and industrial systems
  3. Market Characteristics and Corporate Growth
  4. Product, Technology, and Operations Strategies for Manufacturing Companies
  5. International Development of Sustainability Management and Accounting
  6. Innovation Strategy and Organizational Management that Transcends the Boundaries of Firms, Industries, and Countries